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LSD: Revamped is a fan-made remake of the cult-classic PS1 game LSD: Dream Emulator.

LSD is an exploration game where the player explores surreal dreamscapes without any objectives. The dreams in the game are based on a dream diary that was kept for ten years. Originally created by Japanese artist Osamu Sato, the game was intended to be unlike any other game available at the time.

LSD: Revamped aims to make LSD playable on modern hardware whilst retaining the look and feel of the original game. It adds a number of optional quality-of-life enhancements such as customisable control schemes, increased resolutions, and a better framerate.

The game is still in development, and is lacking a large portion of content. This release is an 'early access' release, and there are four more updates planned. The contents of these updates can be found by visiting the website (lsdrevamped.net). The biggest thing planned to be added is support for player-created content (mods). This will allow players to add their own dreams, music, textures, and objects.

If you experience any bugs/issues with the game, please report them in an email to bugreports@lsdrevamped.net. Please attach the game's log file when reporting an issue, it can be found at:

I hope you enjoy the game.

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lsd-revamped-windows.zip 272 MB
Version 0.1.7439.39481 May 14, 2020

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I really love the idea for this. LSD was such a unique game IMO.


Like the original, but will be excited for the full version. Keep on <3

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How complete is this remake?


the random game button is the best part of itch


i love that someone is actually remaking this game, and i hope you get around to completing its remake as best as you can good luck !!

Is this will eventually get a prices or is it gonna be free to play?


Free forever!


thanks for the reply, i'm looking forward for this.


Really, really nice work, Figglewatts! The game is as captivating as ever; and the quality of life improvements you've implimented are more than welcome. On a side note, the soundtrack is friggin' awesome


will there be a intro?

most likey soon. im currently upsacling all the FMV sequences for the game with a.i software. im almost done but i have no idea when the devs are gonna add them into the game.


Yay, very excited for this game

im new to itch.io im going to download this game and test it for myself then try the normal lsd game i hope its good!

will there ever be linux builds again

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Final, a remake of LSD with actual potential. Please don't abandon this. LSD is a game that deserves this kind of project. Great work on this so far, it's very accurate and the improvements made are very welcome. The idea for modding support makes me salivate... I've always wanted this kind of game but with more varied content. If you manage to finish it or at least get to version 1.0 I'll have no choice but to support this project with money, the original LSD means a lot to me.


Dude, no way! This bring me back memories, I truly love this game! Keep up the great work! :D

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This is amazing. It's super faithful to the original, but it improves in many ways! I hope Figglewatts keeps working on this, I know it may be hard, but this has too much potential to pass up. The draw distance is perfect and the texture warping is very convincing. I can't wait to see the rest of this game's development, keep up the hard work!

(this post was made during version 0.1.7439.39481 (2019-05-14) of the game)

Thanks for playing!


I remember playing the pre-alpha back in the day. Can't believe you haven't abandoned it yet. Really interested and I wish you best of luck!


Thanks for your continued support! I'm carrying on working for fans like you :)


Will this get a VR Version?


Yes - please check lsdrevamped.net for a list of future additions.

is there a way to remove the message about a new version being available? as far as i'm concerned a game like this is unplayable with something so immersion breaking appearing especially when downloading the latest version of the game from either this page or itch.io does nothing to remove the message


This is fixed in the update that has just been released.

Is there by any chance you'll implement the original OST? Here's a playlist of all the ambience sorted by location: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5rHmmd05c-IEXqirNYIIx1mDTTk3KHaV


Someone has actually made a mod that adds the original music! Check it out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y_RY3jmlIN8vglPI54RzL9GZ9rc0ku4Q

How would I be able to get this into my game??

If you read the README file in there it tells you, I think! Basically just download and extract the LSDR_Data folder to the same place as your LSDR installation (essentially merging the folders), and then you should be able to select a different dream journal in the game's settings that will play the original music!


Thank you for this

This is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to remake this

Is there plans for a Mac release at any point? 

Yes! Soon :)


Interesting. How long have you been working on this?


9 years! See https://lsdrevamped.net/about.html for more info :)


dang! commitment. That encourages me to finish my game :D

finish it i would  like to see it :D