Version 0.1.7439.39481 (2019-05-14) - Bug fixes

Nothing new contained in this update, mainly bugfixes for previous version.


- Fixed issue with inaccurate build number causing update notice to display in error
- Fixed issue where screenshot directory would not be created
- Fixed issue with control scheme edit button being greyed out
- Fixed issue where mouse sensitivity would reset between levels
- Fixed numerous issues with control scheme editing
- Fixed mouse sensitivity issues
- Removed unused streaming assets
- Fixed issues when launching the game with a controller connected
- Fixed issue where dream would not start when playing in original framerate
- Fixed issue causing fade colour to reset between dream locations
- Fixed player controller issues when playing in original framerate
- Song filenames now support 'artistless' format
- Fixed same song playing twice when shuffling music
- Music system now supports directories that are empty or have a single song inside
- Reduced tank control player rotation speed to better match original
- Fixed issue with mouse cursor locking
- Fixed issue caused by pausing when a dream is ending
- Added normalization to SFX mixer to prevent very loud overlapping sounds
- Fixed fog colour in Temple Dojo

Files 272 MB
Version 0.1.7439.39481 May 14, 2020

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