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super fun and trippy:)

at first the time limit made me a bit anxious but then I got the idea and now I find the game pretty soothing. interesting rendering style for the dreams and nice music, too!

So weird. Absolutely love the soundtrack. And the atmosphere is awesome

Extremely not boring .

Pretty cool, though I think I might be missing something.  Collected all the books but there's still a ? on the last page and I haven't found any other areas.

The last area can sometimes be difficult to find!

Ah, then the search begins!


Is this a tribute to Robert Barry ?


No, actually! I had not heard of Barry before your comment. Out of interest, which parts of the game reminded you of him?


well, the words written on the walls ... 


Ah, interesting! It was actually a reference to LSD: Dream Emulator, which had Kanji writing on the walls sometimes!

Lsd Dream Emulator Textures - crimsonsalon


Enjoyed the map, solid soundtrack!


Thanks for playing, glad you liked the music :)

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good weird

it's a GOOD GAME

Thank you for playing :)

your welcome

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a wonderfully whimsical game that made me feel so nostalgic, and the soundtrack was just a solid vibe, 10/10 would have an existantial crisis again


Thanks so much for playing :)


I knew I was in for something amazing when I got the email that you'd released a new game, and I was 100% right! The surrealist nature of the game and the strange sound track mix together to create a beautiful experience.


Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)