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no idea what the issue is, but i cant read any of the menus. the graphics are lower quality than anything i've ever seen before, to the point that i cant decipher individual letters, let alone full words. anyone know a fix? i just want to know the controls and settings options...

Are you able to provide a screenshot? I'm not familiar with any known issues like that.

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Is your game resolution really low?  I just played this and it was defaulted to 640x480.

Loading game settings...

Settings.json not found, creating default settings

Could not find screen resolution!

Saving game settings...

Applying game settings


Great job on remastering this game! I can tell how much effort you put into it. The option to have an increased FOV is also really appreciated. I didn't figure out that you could run by pressing space until a few minutes into the game. The game itself (not just this remaster) is pretty monotonous, and repetitive, but that's no fault of your own, since you're just simply remastering the game, not remaking it. The base game was never all that fun, but it is really interesting, and creepy. Going to each world and seeing how you progress each day is also pretty neat. 

Bless you for continued, if prolongued work on this project. As someone who adores LSD Dream Emulator, I can't wait for full release with Mod Tools! Still gonna continue playing in-dev though.


Been looking at this for quite some time. This is amazing.

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Works with wine version 8.19 staging for all the linux users. A native linux version would definitely be nice, but I wouldn't consider it critical to implement right now.

The menu select sound effect is pretty loud, and I think the textures could look a bit sharper, like what you could get from upscaling resolution in an emulator. Overall though, super promising and I'm glad someone is working on this!

update: no way, theres a linux version now! that is so very epic and cool

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Uhh... aren't there a Linux version already? Downloading it right now, will edit this reply with results

UPD: Just noticed that Linux build was added as a part of 0.2.0, which was released later than the comment above, sorry

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a few minutes into playing i got my very first bluescreen. 6/10 the big foot was funny.


I recorded a quick gameplay, good game!

you are so nice good

good ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

is there a way to solve the maze in the area with the big hole?

what do the collors mean?

and how do i know what wall gives what color


there isn't really much as of the currently available version because even though it has a higher frame rate and allows for FPS controls it does not have as much to do as the PS1 original.


Worth a try on l$d while playing this game?


yes yes yes


Hello all this looks super interesting! Is there any way for this game to be playable on a mac?








Great Game! heres some No Commentary Gameplay

is there a linux version available?


you can use lutris to run it


step one : install dual system windows


fuck studying my exams can wait


no way this still exists and got revamped... bout to waste some hours


linux version please!!!!

Just add to steam and run with proton for compatibility


i really-really love this game.

i have owned this for maybe a year or 2 now, and so far i really do enjoy it. the music, the graphics, and just the feel of it are all peaceful and enjoyable. i found times where i leave the game on to enjoy the music, or just walk around really slowly, sinking in the visuals.

i do have one question though, are there any interactions as of right now in the game that were also in the original game ? if so, how do you trigger them ? if not, thats fine as well, just curious and willing to know if they will be added.

great stuff, figglewatts :)


It would be great to have a Linux version too please


linux version please



That was a very fascinating experience!

To be honest, I was once recommended a game with a concept similar to this one (walking game with art) but the art was just random stuff thrown around so, it really wasn't interesting to look at. When I read about the concept of your game, I was really worried that I might find something similar but hopefully, this experience was way more organized and coherent than the last one.

The visuals looked really interesting, and the controls felt really great so, it was a bliss to venture inside this awesome world! I know that you said in the description that this game is actually heavy inspired by an old PS1 game but still, props for this masterpiece!

Feedback (to go even further beyond!!!):

Hum. Nothing. I can't point out anything that should be enhanced. It's like... everything felt right, which is good lol. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Last word:

That was great. Nothing more to say. I really hope you guys keep making great stuff! Congrats!


love it :):):)

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Hey man, I love that the idea that someone is (hopefully still) working on a modernised version of LSD. The thing that captivates me about this simple exploration 'game' is the randomness and that your interactive choices matter, with that sometimes calming and sometimes manic soundtrack in the background. But I have some parts to critique after my first dream, stemming back to my first experience playing this edition many months ago:

1. Maybe upgrade it a bit more from the low resolution Minecraft look, I mean you obviously have decent renders in your photo selections. It's not going to take a 4090 to run, it's PSX ported to a PC, but it doesn't mean that everything needs to have such a tiny and aliased texture base - that's a significant reason why people want it updated. I just didn't see this with max options.

2. Please add mouse support, one of the things I was really hoping was to use my mouse to look around with WASD to control basic movement like pretty much all games set on foot. You have implemented a control customisation menu but at best it felt just as clunky as the original - especially the movement going up or down that tower.

3. It's nowhere near as dynamic as the original, there are no NPCs or major texture changes as the dreams progress. But I understand this is yet to be implemented. Overall it feels a little bland wandering around for a bit before jumping off a cliff or something (literally).

Please don't let this discourage you, maybe you're too busy to work on it or have considered it final, but there are a lot of us who would love to see the game in a modern sense. But it just doesn't feel any better than trying to use an emulator to play it like what I used to do, so it's not quite accurate to call it 'revamped' - especially when a lot of the original content is taken away from. Not worth the 278mb compressed download IMO.

It's unique and confusing

Bro LSD is terrifying man, half the time I didn`t know a square from green.

Starts at: 36:21


oh darn. very disappointed nothing more came of this. oh well.


ive been following this for like 6 months, and i didnt even know it was out till today lol



Sad to see this hasnt been updated in years. It's a fun little demo but with absolutely nothing happing in the game other than walking, You cant justify playing this over the  original.


just so everyone knows, LSD is this scenario (if you saw the originals intro FMV than you would already know) means

L imbo

S ilent

D ream

or LSD so no this has nothing to do with the drug but will make you want nothing to do with the drug or even hear of it ever again, its that weird by day 10.

and the games purpose was said by one of its developers to solely disorient and confuse its player so if you are worried if what you are doing is wrong than remember that you arent, its made to be like this


Just want to chime in here because I was fascinated by this PS1 game when I was much younger and did quite a bit of research on this. You're partially right about what LSD stands for, though the FMV you referenced is only one of many that could play during the game's opening sequence. I'm about to drop quite a bit of info and speculation here, but if you're impatient the TL;DR is at the bottom.

Osamu Sato (developer of the original PS1 game) has publicly stressed that this game takes its inspiration solely from the dream journal written by Hiroko Nishikawa and has no link at all to drug use. However, it is strongly theorized that the game's similarities to the experience of tripping on acid may have played a pretty substantial role in settling on the name. Sato may have also suspected (or maybe even known) that Nishikawa was under the influence of LSD when writing about his dreams. Take a look at the original Japanese website for LSD via the Wayback Machine. Here's the (google translated) text at the top: "WHAT IS L.S.D.? ... It's not a game of acid eaters and glimpses of new dimensions. Taking the acronym 'Link', 'Speed' and 'Dream', 'L.S.D.'" If you read the rest of the commentary there, the developer says that he doesn't condone LSD use, but goes on to say that if no one finds out about it, you won't get caught. Take from that what you will.

The game started off with the title "Link Speed Dream" to describe the gameplay's method of linking dreams by walking into objects, but over the course of development, the title morphed into something more ambiguous. Ultimately, I think the acronym's ambiguity was probably introduced to help distance the game's branding from the drug in an attempt to improve the public image of the game, but also does quite well in adding to the already cryptic and mysterious aesthetic the game carries.

TL;DR: While this game isn't explicitly about drug use, the developer has said certain things that lead many to believe that the drug the game shares its name with is definitely an influence for the gameplay. Also, the game's working title was originally "Link Speed Dream" during development, but that was eventually removed as the canon title. Now the title, along with the rest of this cryptic game, is open to interpretation.

oh so now i have to go through mental insanity again!

Is this sill being worked on? It looks awesome so far.

can you post one of the music games? my fav sound in the game is boucing crystals, i mean post one of the music games in spotify or youtube

so soundtrack?


also i meant "bouncing" not "boucing" i accidentally mispelled that before lol

Deleted 7 days ago

no lsd is this scenario (if you saw the originals intro said)

L imbo

S ilent

D ream

or LSD so no this has nothing to do with the drug but will make you want nothing to do with the drug or even hear of it, its that weird by day 10.

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