This dragon is hungry, and you're looking like a tasty snack.

Venture into the dragon's lair in your quest to vanquish this foul beast once and for all. Will you succeed where other adventurers have failed? This dragon is well known for its appetite.


Dragonoscopy Windows 20 MB
Dragonoscopy Mac 20 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download package for your operating system.
  2. Extract files.
  3. Play game.


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Well, this blows.... I get down to I thinkkkk level 4 or 5 and there is no exit to the area and it is TINY! I don't see this being right... Any ideas? It was a fun little time waster though, looking for the next item to replace your current best. Kind of reminds me of Realm of the Mad God, how the loot/gear system works. Minus the gear for different classes obviously, as you only play as a sword wielder in this. I wish I could recommend it, but honestly, it will leave you pissed off that it doesn't at leasttt have an ending. If it is going to just stop and not have an ending, you should label it as a demo on the main page to avoid dashing any hopes of a full game. It even justtt introduced a new XXX, which is presumably Dragon Porn, experience book... So it is weird that it would just end.  I really wish there was more to this game, such as skill trees, different classes, and a proper story/ending.  Overall, it adds absolutely nothing new to an already over saturated rouge-lite market, though I absolutely love the joking nature of the item descriptions, written lovingly by "Fiona". I wonder what her "Fiona's Special Surprise"  item labeled "Oh my god, Fiona, take this out!" is... Lmao.  I can only hope that one day Figglewatts will decide to pick the project back up and bring it to it's full potential. Feel free to hit me up for ideas!

Hm, happened to me as well at level 5, but it was a much larger level, so I kept thinking it was my fault.


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I found many things to love about this game: the look, ease of play, jokes on item descriptions, music, concept of levels beyond level 1.

But I think the balance is way off towards being easy - I found enough gear by the middle of level 2 and nothing could damage me anymore (until I put on the graduation t-shirt and occasionally accepted torso hits). The game also got repetitive by level 3: I haven't encountered a single new item or new enemy.

I was still eager to finish it, and here the strangest thing happened: on either level 4 or 5, I was unable to find the exit. I'm attaching the screenshot of my progress, maybe someone can spot a place on the map that I missed. I'm pretty sure I traversed the whole maze, even using the hold-wall-with-your-left-hand approach.

A random question: why does all the food say "eat", but eggs say "egg"? Is that a typo or something else?

I still have this tab open, in case someone points me to the exit xD


how long is this dragons digestive system?


v cute, nice twist, i like fiona


It gets very monotonous in the Dragon's stomach. I'm beginning to question my sanity.